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Get your first customers and start generating revenue.

You don't have a business until you make a sale. 
Let's make that sale happen.


No paying customers?

Nonexistent revenue? 

Difficulty in raising capital? 


We need to build and implement a solid go-to-market that will get you your first customers and sales

You can't find investment for your business 

You are not generating revenue

You're trying some marketing tactics here and there but they do not work 

We will get you traction, your first paying customers and the revenue. And we'll build a growing sustainable business. 

This is the roadmap of how we get you from zero customers to generating revenue (so you can raise funds to grow your business)



• Full assessment of the business 

• In-depth analysis of current go-to-market strategy


• Identify low hanging fruit

• High level Go-to-Market mapped out

Gap analysis


• Goals definition 

• Resources: how we implement and execute the strategy 

• Tools 

• SOP strategy


• What is your beachhead market 

• How do we speak to them (Messaging)


• Media channels strategy 

• Lead generation strategy 

• Measure the key metrics



• Conversion optimised website 

• Implement your CRM and tech tools

Funnel building


• Lead capture & Lead nurturing strategy

• Map out your content strategy

• Sales funnel and conversion strategy

• Pricing and offer review

Increase LTV


• Develop upsell and cross sell offers

• Implement referral strategies

• How we are going to delight your customers

Customers and Revenue


• We build traction and a solid base of customers 


• We generate and increase revenue

• Your entire GTM strategy mapped out

The output of our work together? Your first customers and revenue.

What you get: 

This is what you get when we work together: 


  • The Output of our work together is Results: your first customers, sales and revenue (and investors wanting to invest in your business)

  • 90 minutes weekly calls 

  • Unlimited 15-minute calls with me for your urgent questions and for when you are stuck

  • Unlimited email support 

  • Weekly office hours: just turn up and we will work together on your most pressing marketing challenges

  • We will hire your marketing team (I'll be your Fractional CMO until then) 

  • Done-with-you set up of all your marketing processes and systems (funnel building, marketing automation, email sequences, referral systems 🚀 )



  • So that we can see results, typically I work with founders for a period of 6 to 9 months (you can cancel anytime, just give me 30 days notice)

  • The Goal is to build together the team, systems and processes that will make your business grow in a sustainable way 

Send me an email or book a quick call with me to explore I can help you grow your business 

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