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Grow your business.
Exponentially. Fast. 

A proven framework refined over 20+ years growing tech businesses, that will help you grow your business and see results.
So you can focus on that Seed or Series A. 

How we get started: 

Step 1. Strategy Call.

We focus on understanding what problems you are trying to resolve and if we are a good match.

So that I can help you succeed. 

Step 2. High Level Plan.

I'll send you a high level plan of how we can work together to grow your business successfully. 

This is your bespoke plan to scale. 

Step 3. Execution & Results. 

We don't just build a detailed plan of how to scale your business exponentially. 

We focus on execution and results. All that matters.

*It's free. There's no obligation. You get tons of value even if we determine we are not a match. 

My ideal customer: 

- Founder / CEO
- Tech business
- Health Tech / Edtech / Climate Tech 
- 12+ months runway 
- Raised pre-seed or seed

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