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Grow your own business and raise investment through a custom marketing strategy 

I can help you launch and grow your own business by building a marketing plan that will produce results and get you investment.  

Once the plan is built, I'll help you execute it and hire your marketing team.  

You can't find investment for your business 

You don't have a Go-To-Market Strategy

You're trying some marketing tactics here and there but they do not work 

You believe you don't have the right connections...... 

You even think that this is not meant for you.....

Absolutely Not True! 

You need a Go-to-Market Strategy to get investors attention, raise funds and launch and grow your own business  

Let me help you build your Go-to-Market strategy and plan so you can focus on launching and growing your own business.  

How we work together and what's included:  

The method I use focuses on 4 main areas to build your custom, results generating, investor proof Go-to-Market Strategy: 

  • The Marketing Pillars: here is where we build together the foundations of your Go-to-Market strategy and we nail Target Market, Messaging and Media (the channels we will use to reach our Target Market). I see on a daily basis conversations with investors going wrong because there is a lack of clarity in regards to these foundations. I also see marketing initiatives not producing results and wasting precious early stage money because these foundations are not solid enough. So it's absolutely vital that we nail this foundational work 

  • Setting up your conversion machine: we will focus on direct response marketing (the marketing that is measurable, trackable, generates results and that investors want to see). We will build your strong conversion machine focused on how we capture, nurture and convert leads into paying customers 

  • Generating additional value: marketing doesn't stop when we get to the end of the funnel and we have a paying customer. We need to deliver a world class experience to our newly signed up customer, generate more value to them (so we can increase the Lifetime Customer Value) and build a strong referral system that will turn your happy customers and raving fans into your most effective new business system. This is the part of your marketing that will grow your business and make sure you have profitability and your business is sustainable 

  • Execution and processes: we will focus on adding the resources and processes to make sure your marketing is unstoppable and continue to produce results. I will help you hire your marketing team and have systems and processes in place .... 

At the end of our work together you will have clear Go-to-Market strategy and the resources and processes to execute the plan, produce results and grow your own business 

This is what's included in my done-with you marketing package: 


  • We will work together to build your marketing strategy for 12 weeks: The Output of our work together is your Go-to-Market strategy that prospective investors will love

  • Initial Assessment and Audit: we'll go through your existing marketing plan and any marketing collateral you have in place to identify where the gaps are and what can be quickly adjusted to start producing results 

  • 90 minutes kick off video call 

  • Twelve 75 minutes weekly video calls: 15 hours with me to build your plan and start generating results that will get you investment. Each week we will focus on one building block of your Go-to-Market strategy and we'll build together your processes and marketing team 

  • Unlimited 15-minute calls with me for your urgent questions 

  • Unlimited email support 

  • Weekly office hours: just turn up and we will work together on your most pressing marketing challenges

  • Your custom Done-for-You hiring 

  • Done-with-you set up of all your marketing processes and systems 


A reminder of what you get: 

  • Initial assessment and audit 

  • 90 minutes kick off call 

  • 15 hours with me to build your plan and start generating results that will get you investment 

  • Unlimited 15 minute calls with me 

  • Unlimited email support 

  • Office hours 

  • Your custom Go-to-Market strategy that prospective investors will love

  • Done-for-You hiring 

  • Done-with-you set up of all your marketing processes 

Package price (all inclusive): £3,447 (payment plans available) 

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