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Get the traction you need and raise funds with investors 

Get your first customers.
Start generating revenue. 
Build and grow your own business and team.


Yep, it's frustrating when investors do not reply to your messages.


You’re struggling to raise money for your startup. Investors do not even reply to your messages. The reality is that investors do not get back to you because they do not see how you’re going to bring to market your product or service.


You need a marketing plan to get investor attention and to get the traction you and them want to see: You need your first paying customers and revenue. 


Investors want to see a detailed Go-to-Market Strategy, first paying customers and that you are generating revenue so they can be more confident that they will get a 10x on their investment (this is what they ultimately care about!).

Who am I to say all this?

Hey founder, I am Pierpaolo (I know, I know, you pronounce it as peer-pow-low…so it won’t be awkward when we first talk) 


I have been in marketing and sales for 20+ years helping tech startups and scaleups around the globe generate 6 figure revenue


And I helped dozens of startup founders from the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community build an investor proof marketing strategy so they could raise money to grow their business. 

I know both sides. I have been a founder and I have been in your shoes. And I have been on the investment side too so I know what investors are looking for. 

Now I am helping you grow your business and move from startup to scaleup. 

The growth for your own business and the recognition you are craving? 

We make it happen together. 

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